After a quick warm-up consisting of 4 lengths front crawl,

The lesson was split into 2 parts, the first half a hour they did relay racing starting at the diving blocks, diving in and swimming until she gets to the next person. All without rest.

For the next 25 minutes they had  dive in and continue straight into the stroke for a full 25 meters, in all 3 strokes.(breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly) again this was without rest.

It was a very full-on training session today which she really enjoyed.


Diving In

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Hannah’s been going to our local swim club for a year now but has only been in the competition pool since January, where she also been learning how to dive which hasn’t come easy.

Sometimes it was hard to watch, as she belly flopped into the pool, as the weeks went by she had stopped the belly flopping, and could do a sitting dive really well, but when it came to a standing dive it looked more like a she was half falling instead of diving in, that was until yesterday.

We arrived at swim club, Hannah as always was eager to start, waiting to be told to get in, then came the warm-up, altogether they did 16 lengths (300 meters).
After the warm-up they got out the pool and walked to the deep end, where the diving blocks where out, the teacher first let them dive in as they would before, so Hannah half fall in, But then came the magic the teacher got a woggle out and they had to dive over it, It came to Hannah’s turn and as she’s smaller then the other children, the teacher moved the woggle a little closer to her, and she performed a perfect dive, then she went straight into her swim it was amazing. 
We couldn’t believe it she’d done it, after she climb out and as she walked pass we congratulated her, she was beaming. This happened 3 more times, and on every one she dived in so gracefully with the aid of the woggle guiding her where she needed to land.
Then the instructor removed the woggle and this time they had to dive in with no visual aid, Hannah’s turn she got onto the starting blocks and into position and dived in again she did it perfectly, she’d done it, there’s no stopping her now.
They all got out at the shallow end, the instructor asked them to stand at the edge of the pool and he called out one of the other children and asked then to stand on the wall to the shallow end where they had to dive in. At this moment i had my heart in my mouth hopping he wouldn’t ask Hannah to dive in. Thankfully he didn’t. At the end of the lesson one child was told they could have there diving certificate and he told the other’s that they were half way to getting there’s.
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swim club 11/7/13

Hannah was eager to go, sat at the edge of the pool watching to be asked to get in.

On entering the pool they where told to do 4 lengths front crawl, after completing that they were asked to do another 2 lengths, in total they did 6 lengths which is  150 meters as a warm-up

They then got their kick boards which makes them strengthen their legs (another 6 lengths). Hannah was kicking and moving really fast.

I’ve noticed now that when she does her front crawl she’s starting to stretch out her arms more now when they’re in the water, making her glide through it more effectively, which in turn makes her quicker. 

She has only just started to learn to dive,. At the moment she’s finding this hard as it’s alien to her, she’s more used to just jumping in. Today they concentrated on a standing dive.  She could do with more practice as she tends to just almost fall in (arms first), but i’m sure after a few more months she will be getting a lot better.

Today they did 26 lengths which is 650 meters. Quite a relaxed swimming session.