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For the last few weeks Hannah’s been working on her Gold swimming badge.

First she had to do 32 lengths using strokes (backstroke, front crawl and breaststroke ie froggy in a total of 25 minutes which she finished well within time.

The next swimming lesson she had to finish off the second part of the badge, here’s what she had to do:

  1. Dive in and swim 2 lengths front crawl 2 lengths backstroke in  2 minutes and  30 seconds
  2. She had to tread water for 3 minutes
  3. Skull backwards for a short distance
  4. Preform a backward somersault
  5. Skull feet first back to the start
  6. Perform a front somersault and swim back the full length

All this without stopping or putting her feet down on the floor,

Which she did yes my baby’s just 6 years old is now the proud owner of her gold swimming badge


Where so proud of her xxx


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After a quick warm-up consisting of 4 lengths front crawl,

The lesson was split into 2 parts, the first half a hour they did relay racing starting at the diving blocks, diving in and swimming until she gets to the next person. All without rest.

For the next 25 minutes they had  dive in and continue straight into the stroke for a full 25 meters, in all 3 strokes.(breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly) again this was without rest.

It was a very full-on training session today which she really enjoyed.