swim club 11/7/13

Hannah was eager to go, sat at the edge of the pool watching to be asked to get in.

On entering the pool they where told to do 4 lengths front crawl, after completing that they were asked to do another 2 lengths, in total they did 6 lengths which is  150 meters as a warm-up

They then got their kick boards which makes them strengthen their legs (another 6 lengths). Hannah was kicking and moving really fast.

I’ve noticed now that when she does her front crawl she’s starting to stretch out her arms more now when they’re in the water, making her glide through it more effectively, which in turn makes her quicker. 

She has only just started to learn to dive,. At the moment she’s finding this hard as it’s alien to her, she’s more used to just jumping in. Today they concentrated on a standing dive.  She could do with more practice as she tends to just almost fall in (arms first), but i’m sure after a few more months she will be getting a lot better.

Today they did 26 lengths which is 650 meters. Quite a relaxed swimming session.


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